Hiking through Kritsa Gorge, Crete

If you have ever walked through the gorges in Crete, you will definitely want more and more. I know that for myself. Each gorge is different from the others. The Kritsa Gorge does not boast an abundance of greenery or waterfalls. There are bare montain rocks and a lot of stones, as well as narrow passages and small obstacles. But that’s what it conquers you.

We have visited 4 gorges and from each route there are always new emotions and impressions. Read also about our walk through the Richtis Gorge with a beautiful waterfall.

Critsa Gorge

Where is the Kritsa Gorge?

It is convenient to visit this gorge for those who have stopped in the eastern part of Crete, in the Lassity region or even Iraklion. The entrance to the gorge is located near the village of Critsa – it is 9.5 km from Agios Nikolaos.

How to get to the Kritsa Gorge

The most convenient way to get to the Kritsa gorge by car. The car can be left right near the beginning of the path leading to the gorge.

Also a bus runs to the village of Kritsa from Agios Nikolaos (7:00-11:15-14:30-18:00; back 7:00-11:30-15:00-18:30 – it’s on weekdays, on weekends 7:00-13:30-16:15, back on Saturday 7:30-13:45-16:45, on Sunday 7:15-13:45-16:30). The bus stop in Cretes is almost as far as the Panagia Kera Church. From here to the entrance to the gorge 25 minutes on foot.

Map of the Creats bus stop

What you need to walk through the gorge

  1. you need comfortable clothing that does not constrain movement and comfortable not slippery shoes, sneakers are quite suitable. No climbing equipment is required
  2. There is no small supply of water, no water sources in the gorge, so take drink water
  3.  The camera is obligatory 😉
  4. And if you want to walk through the gorge closer to noon, be sure to take sunscreen and hat

When is best to visit the gorge Kritsa

It is preferable to go to the Gorge Of Kritsa in the summer-autumn period. In early spring there may be a lot of water, and some areas will become impassable.

The route through the gorge like a ring, which is very convenient, and takes 2-2.5 hours for a leisurely walk (1.5 km).

It is better to visit the gorge in the morning or after three o’clock in the afternoon. If the sun is not at its zenith, it won’t be hot in the gorge.

But the second half of the route (return goes through olive groves in the open area) can be hot. So after all, the afternoon is more attractive for a walk. And you can see a beautiful sunset from the top.

Crits a neighborhood

Who can walk through the gorge

The gorge is easy to pass. There are a few small obstacles, so I think that with children under 4 years of age to go is not worth it.

Children from the age of 4 can cope under the supervision of adults.

Walk through the gorge. Route points

The entrance to the gorge is marked with a yellow sign. He points to a small path, on it and it is necessary to go (you can be misled by closed gates and the road behind them to the right of the sign).An entry point to the Creats Gorge

From here you can see the high cliffs, and the gap between them, the gorge starts there.

Critsa Gorge

You need to walk to the fault about three hundred meters along the path between olive trees, a little later begins a stone path with large boulders.

Critsa Gorge

One of the small obstacles is a huge stone that closes the entire passage along the trail, but it can be easily overcome by climbing the metal staples hammered into it.

Metal staples

At the beginning of the gorge the vegetation is still present. Around is very beautiful, but do not forget to look under the feet, stones are diverse and there are lot of them.

Critsa Gorge

By the way, although the gorge is well-known and easily accessible, there are not many people here. We met two couples of tourists during the whole walk, and that’s just because they were coming back. Probably did not dare to open an impromptu gate in the middle of the road.

In fact, this gate (fence of iron bars) can be opened, it is to ensure that the goats of local farmers do not run away. Just open it!

The rest of the time we were here all alone, so to speak, alone with nature. But there are many pyramids built by tourists, and they always indicate the right way.

pyramids of stones

Gradually the passage through the gorge narrows, the sheer cliffs are getting closer to each other, the vegetation is less and less. These are the bizarre shapes of stones we met.

Critsa Gorge

At the bottom the stones are very smooth, probably polished with water. and the color of them in some places is kind of bluish.

Critsa Gorge

Somewhere the width of the passage is no more than one and a half meters.


Some places have to climb up, but it only fuels interest, and for children, it may be a super adventure.

Critsa Gorge

There is another place where you need to climb up, holding on to the rope and staples.

Be in this place very careful, the stones are very slippery

Very slippery stones

In the middle of the road, as I said before, the passage is blocked by a fence, but let it not frighten you, it is a barrier for goats. All the others can safely open the gate and go further, most importantly, do not forget to close them behind you.

A little later the landscape changes, the mountains are different, more brown shades, and the walkway is wider

Critsa Gorge

So we’re close to the exit. That’s the way it’s going to get into another sheep gate. They’re also easy to open.

There is a sign on the gate, reminding you don’t forget to close the door.

Exit from the gorge

Further the way lies back to the beginning of the path, along the olive groves.

Along olive groves

There is still a small descent along a narrow path. You can see the village of Kritsa.

View of Critsa

The walk turned out to be just great.  So highly recommend, don’t regret it. If not tired, you can walk around the village of Kritsa, it is very picturesque.

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