Edessa waterfalls, Greece

How to get to the Edessa Waterfalls

Central Macedonia has a lot of interesting places in the region of Greece. If you are resting on Halkidiki, you can go to admire the waterfalls of Edessa. See below where the waterfalls of Edessa are on the map.

Edessa Falls on the map

The town of Edessa is 80 km northwest of Thessaloniki.

You can get to Edessa from Thessaloniki by train or bus, and from anywhere in a rented car. We chose the latter option as we were travelling from the Cassandra Peninsula with little baby.

By the way Thessaloniki is better to go around the county road, because There are usually traffic jams in the city.

The mileage on the county is a little more, but in time win unquestionably. Even if the flow of cars is small, a lot to wait at numerous traffic lights. It’s self-tested.

The road to Edessa is good. Along the way there are several towns, large supermarkets, and then begin plantations of cherries, peaches and other fruits.

Edess can be seen from afar. Imagine, a wide plain rests on a steep wall of mountains, on top of which you can see the buildings of the town and from this height break down huge streams of water. This waterfall still makes an impression from afar.

We parked in the area of the stadium (there is free parking, toilet). To build a route to the parking lot at the Edes Falls click on the map below.

Edessa Parking

Everywhere there are signs how to go to the waterfalls, so it is impossible to get lost.

Varosi District

Right from the parking lot hit the sign on the waterfalls through the old district of the city – Varosi.

Edessa. Old Town

This area is very picturesque: small stone houses with wooden shutters, balconies, cobbled streets, an ancient church and silence. Only the sound of water can be heard in the distance.

Edessa. Old Town

Varosi is at the precipice, and over the precipice wide terraces and the whole plain below as in the palm of your hand. You can see the lake where the water flows from the waterfalls.

Edessa. View of the plain

Here, at the cliff, a park situated.

Edessa. On the way to the waterfalls

There are benches, many of which are occupied by couples in love, a lot of greenery, ladders, and saving coolness in the heat. It’s a very soulful place.


A little further there are streams, dams.

Edessa. On the way to the waterfalls

In the park we met a local resident – a turtle. In general, for Macedonia, the turtle seems to be commonplace. We met several.

Turtle in Edes Park

Climbing the ladders finally get to the observation deck to see the largest waterfall in Edess – Karanos.

Caranos Falls

It is very cool: powerful stormy streams of water at high speed break off the cliff – beauty!

Caranos Falls in Edess

The weight of water droplets rises up. And if the sun shines, it seems that the waterfall is shrouded in a rainbow.

Edessa Falls

In general, the terraces are very cool, you go from one to the other, and each opens a new view. And if you go down the woodand and bridges, you immediately become wet of waterdrops and splashes.

Terraces at the waterfalls in Edess

And I was very impressed by the gallery behind the waterfall. You can go and see the Karanos waterfall from the inside. Huge streams of water so close. That’s really cool! Photos do not convey all beauty.

Gallery behind the waterfall

Here, because of enough moisture, a lot of greenery, grow trees – inpalins, and at the bottom so called jungle. Very nice and pleasant coolness even in the hot season.

Cave behind the waterfall

Next to the waterfall there is a small cave, the entrance to which costs 0.5 euros. But if you’ve been in caves before, I don’t think you’re going to like it. It’s really very small.


Park above waterfalls

You can see the waterfall from above. There are beautiful flowerbeds, a lot of bridges, and, of course, tavernas. You can sit on the outdoor terrace above the water in the cool place, drink coffee or have a snack.

Cafe above the waterfalls

And on top you can look at the second largest waterfall – double.

Double Waterfall

Walking on Edessa

We returned to the car through new quarters.


The city is very green, canals along the streets.

Edessa Canal

So I recommend you to walk around the city too.

By the way, the child went through a little journey by car perfectly. And fell asleep because of the noise of the water.

And since there is a pleasant coolness, the baby was very comfortable.  So it’s nice to travel with whole family.

The observation deck

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