About the authors

Hello! This blog is designed to accumulate information about travel, “right” shopping, as well as writing knowhow and thinking about life, the universe and in general… It is led by two travelers, curious everyman, and just people which are not bad: Sergei and Maria.

By profession Maria – a doctor, treats people. And Sergey – an IT engineer, treats computers.

We live in the largest and most beautiful country in the world – Russia.

We have visited such countries as: Republic of Belarus, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, India, Thailand, Cambodia and are going to visit all the others. Gradually, useful information on countries and just reports on travel and personal opinion will appear here. Any trip is prepared in advance. The route is worked out with special care, but not forgetting to allocate time to the direction of “where the eyes look.” We like to travel on our own. After all, more than once made sure that the most interesting is far from the famous tourist places.

We value practicality and rationality. Therefore, sometimes there will be posts with useful information, tested on personal experience. And we have a story to tell.

We also like to buy different interesting things in online stores. So sometimes there will be reviews of purchases.

If you have questions after reading a post, we would be happy to answer them in the comments. We will also welcome the wishes of what you want to see.

We are happy to consider the possibility of participating in interesting events and travels.

You can quickly contact us using email: contact@interezo.ru

Enjoy reading!